Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Chronicle of Blogging

It is certain that Blogging will have a significant place in history with impression as the foremost informational channel of the 21st century. The earliest evidence for the culture of blogging is the use of pamphlets (is nothing but unbound booklet with info) in the 17the century for the circulation of information in all areas.

Exemplar for Pamphlet:

In later period, as electronic media emerged, Radio and TV were considered the major informational system of that era. In the late 20th century, there was a change in mass media from unidirectional to participatory (where audience play active role rather than the publisher alone) which is a key factor in the concept of blogging (For instance readers can comment on the blog).

By the book, Blogging started in 1997. The word 'Blog' has been emerged from 'Weblog'. Weblog is nothing but a website that has entries in reverse chronological order i.e new post published over old post. Blogging became familiar in 2001 and the demand for blog websites increased. This resulted in the creation of a desirable number of blog hosting websites. The content writers need not compulsorily be a designer. There arose certain complications. A new technique called Content Management System (CMS) emerged which made easy for a layman in web technologies to add, edit and manage contents.

The entry of multimedia into blogging paved the way to booming market for blogs today. The mixture of different forms of content such as photos, audio, animation and video embedded into blog magnified the trend. With appropriate tools, they can even be downloaded to computers, media players etc.

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